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Greg said he was going to come to the movies tonight but he pulled out last minute! What a Carl Raynsford!
by THE Definitive Definer April 27, 2019
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What many of us (Americans) believe to be a popular greeting in Australia. Many people get this idea from the media, which makes it seems like every time you see an Australian person they will say this.
I spent 2 weeks there and didn't here that ONCE!
Yes, they say mate and an occasional g'day but I never heard them together.
It's more of a stereotype than anything else.
American (sees Australian, wants to make it look like
Americans know anything about other cultures): G'day Mate!

Australian: Wtf? Oh, hello.

American: I thought all Australians say that.

Australian: Nope, almost none of us do.

American (feels like an idiot): Bye then.

Australian (thinks, what an idiot): Bye.
by THE Definitive Definer July 11, 2012
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An sexually-active heterosexual male. Contrast with fudgepacker.
Shane got off with another bloke? Weird. I'd always had him down as a through-and-through twatpacker.
by THE Definitive Definer January 3, 2010
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