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Slang term for a canadian, a canadian hocky team,
You live in Canada, so you must be a canuck, Vancover canucks
by tenchu November 12, 2003
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player, especially in a first person shooter, who plants himself behind doors, in shadowed corners, behind crates, etc. and waits for enemy players to rush by and be shot from behind. Campers are called so because they choose such a spot and will often, for the duration of the game, not move from there or will only move to find a new 'camping' spot. The word is usually used in a derogatory manner, but the strategy is in fact quite legitimate. Happens in real life doesn't it? Snipers are, by default, campers as they have to find that perfect spot where they remain undiscovered and can lay down hellfire upon their enemies from afar.
damn! got n00bed by a camper!! >.<

AMBUSH!! thrice bedamned campers!
by Tenchu April 10, 2006
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The gimpiest shadowblade on Merlin/Midgard
Holy shit did you see Headdhunter? He perfed a naked grey caster for 13 damage! What a gimp!
by TENCHU November 11, 2003
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