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Beer Ball is a drinking game that takes great skill and persevearence.

objects needed to play beer ball
*Whiffle ball bat (size depending on skill/drunk level)

Step 1.
buy a whiffle ball bat and cut off the bottom end of the handle (just the bottom of the grip)and poke a "shotgun" hole in the middle of the barrel.
2. Pour one or more beers in the cutt off end of the bat with beer accumulating in the barrel( make sure shotgun hole is high enough where beer wont spill through it)crush beer can for men, women dont have to hit a crushed can because they are not athletic enough and belong in the kitchen.
3. tap barrel lightly to deminish foam
4. once foam is down, batter puts cut off end to his lips, shotgun hole facing up, tilts beer til it hits lips.
5. once beer touches lips, batter puts up his hand to notify pitcher he has started to drink.
5. pitcher and audiece start counting seconds until batter has finished his beer/s
6. once batter has finished, depending on amount of seconds, he puts bat on ground and forehead and spins the ammount of times that equal the amount of seconds it takes to drink (3 seconds to finish beer, 3 FULL spins)
7. once finished spinning, usually drunk and dizzy, the pitcher tosses the crushed can from a short distance and batter must make contact with the can.
8. if batter hits the can he is done and people cheer. if batter misses the can he must start at step 1 and start over, resulting in more drinking and spinning for him.
hey man lets go beer ballin'

dude, you remember last time, i got so drunk because i couldnt hit the damn can!
by T-A-B-O-R September 11, 2008

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