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1.{noun} An acronym said to be Officially Coined in Mendocino County, California,sometime in September,1987. The initials stand for Peace And Marijuana.

While P.A.M. has most certainly been embraced far and wide in the 26 years since it's creation,rippling well beyond the small white house on an unassuming street that served as it's `Ground Zero' and spreading thousands of miles in every direction as a concept, it has yet to be officially adopted as the name of an alternative,Non-Fucked Uppolitical party or a branch of Pagan,Hedonistic,Non-Shame Based religion.

Opinions on whether this is a good or bad thing are mixed and fraught with complexity.
2.{noun} Any individual or community that embodies the following values:It is perfectly fine to get high & hang out on the grass making daisy chains,eating yummy food,and thinking and conversing about interesting topics.Cruelty is SteeYooPid,Guilt is SteeYooPid,Uptight,Judgemental Assholes are SteeYooPid. Clearly the aforementioned behavior is not practical ALL the time,but there is nothing wrong with it AT ALL.
1. "I'm trying to get my brother to drop the bullshit and start thinking more `P.A.M.'...he's a born again christian and a republican & he just had his third heart attack.He's only 32."

2. We camped near this little town on the coast that was SO great.Everyone we met there was P.A.M., even the cops.'
by SyDaisyAlyosha September 08, 2013
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