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Derived from the phrase, "Fuck that shit". You can use it whenever you don't give a fuck or a shit or both.

Fuck that shit-> fuh dat shit-> fuh dah shit-> fuhdahshi.
John: DUDE! Look at that chick she looks like she's in trouble!
Bill: HUh? oh.. fuhdahshi.
by Supraman352 June 27, 2008
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The most ABSURD way of telling a female you are interested in her. Mostly starting out with commenting a girl on her ass or her walk. Girls are sometimes flattered by this because they think the guy is cute..
Devonte: Hey ma, wuhz good.
Anna: Hii.
Devonte: Dayum girl I was just sayin dayum u lookin mighty fresh in dem' jeans, yo.
Anna: aww thanks hun!
Devonte: Hah, thanks gawjush. anytime, dam girl u got me Tippn', yo.
Anna: Really?
Devonte: Chyeah girll, fo'get bout yo man, get wid me. I makez dat DOUGH ya digg?
Anna: Are you trying to spit game lil boy? get outta here..
by Supraman352 December 06, 2006
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Neighboring town of Bolingbrook claiming to be a "city" in central Illinois. Full with preppy rich white kids that go to Bolingbrook to eat. Everyone in Bolingbrook hates the overachieving, award receiving residents.
"The football team's facing Naperville."
"We're gonna kick their racist asses!"
by Supraman352 December 02, 2006
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