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Max Dagger (aka the world's greatest assassin) is a short story/movie(1 hour 42 min) about a tragic tale in which a man named Max Dagger and his assistant (aka long time work associate) Sanchez must over come the death of Max's son. In their journey they come across Russian oil miners, Cranky Katana wielders and Bill Cosby (aka Dr Huxtable). Max Daggar II: The Fall of Max Dagger(2007) was loosely based on the lives of the two college students that created it. Max Dagger II was a huge hit until its sequel, Max Daggur III(2008), which blew it out of the water. People quickly forgot the the second one even existed. Max Dager III received the same treatment when the Max Daggar Christmas special, A Christmas Dagger(2008), was released to the public.

== Max Daggar II: The Fall of Max Dagger ==

Max Daggar II: The Fall of Max Dagger was a huge hit with most people who saw it. It told a life changing tale of Max Dagger starting with his birth. Throughout the movie he has to use his mind to dig his own grave and bury himself with his body. Although easier said than done, Max decided to bring along a few friends this time. Sanch, Sanch's wife, Joey ***** Carrera, and the Dimensional drifter accompany Max through his adventure full of twists and turns. It ended with a rather large cliff hanger which was not received well by audiences.

== Max Dagger III: The Betrayal of Max Dagger, Diablo-There can be only one Max Dagger-Max Dagger II: The Last Saiyan Prince-Caught in the Shadow of the Dagger-Max Dagger III: The Fall of Man ==

Living up to its predecessor can be difficult for a short film(1 hour 27 min). In this case Max Dagger III was so much better than Max Dagger II that it rendered it to be non-cannon to the series. In fact, Max Dagger II became so worthless that its name was changed to "The Qur'an." Max Dagger III's story line was mostly taken from bits and pieces of negro folklore. Although it doesn't seem like it, Max Dagger III brought a new and quirky theme to the series. Audiences mostly had trouble getting used to the new cast as most of the old one died in child birth. Overall, Max Dagger III was respected and well liked by many but was never quite as good as Max Dagger II.

== The Max Dagger Christmas Special ==

Basically it is a sound track for the Max Dagger series. The single "A Singing Dagger" was refreshing yet frustrating as it was just the hum of a fish tank. Most of the tracks are just ambiance but played backwards they reveal Satanic messages.
At least he(aka Max Dagger) hit the swallow
by Supersaiyan Zazer March 04, 2009

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