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In Natural-Selection (HL-modification) the F4 key when pressed, takes you out of the game and into the ReadyRoom, where you can choose to join a team or just jump about. When one team is getting completely wiped out, Some players may call out for the others to "F4!" as a way to end the game early, and sometimes, to deny the opposing team a victory.
they Have Skulks! F4! F4!
by Supernorn2000 January 25, 2004
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A decent modification using the Half-Life engine, with a bad reputation due to its community. Mainly Consisting of cheaters, people who speak in 80% numbers (elite speak), and on the whole have Zero respect for other players.

This has made many Admins on servers paranoid, and take a "no trial" approach to cheat accusations and llamas and ban on sight. Which is unfair to those who are actually skillfull at the game and/or have done nothing wrong.

New players are usually put down by long-term players and are insulted with phrases like "n00b"

This has led to the belief that the entire CS community consists of teenagers, as no adult could be so immature.

If someone kills you in Counter-Strike they must be cheating...
by Supernorn2000 September 9, 2003
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The spawn of all bad suggestions. If this represented a volcano it would be Mount Doom. (although the only flames you'll see are from the forum-goers)

This forum makes people fear for the future of humanity.
the Suggestions and Ideas forum itself was supposed to be a hub for good suggestions. Now we need a seperate topic to wade through the garbage.
by Supernorn2000 September 9, 2003
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