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The art of falling asleep with half-eaten food in one's mouth. This typically occurs on one's couch with or without a clicker in hand. The likely morsel found in one's mouth is chips or crackers.
"I woke up with food in my mouth again. I have been sleeting with abnormal frequency this week. It must have been that long bike ride that did me in today."
by SupaNative July 07, 2009
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Social Networker connected to your social network and has access to your personal information which includes your date of birth, and uses this information to send you "Happy Birthday (your name here)" post to your cyber-wall. The Social Networker may not actually know you, but has been added to your social network previous to your birthday.
I was hit on my birthday by over 50 birthdayee messages
by SupaNative January 22, 2011
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The being bombarded by birthday well-wishes on the same date each year by joining a social network (a.k.a. Facebook) and including their birth-date for all to see.
Celebrate your birthdate and become a Birthdayer today!
by SupaNative January 22, 2011
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