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The obsession of taking pictures that have all to do in the relation to fur.
Richard : "Where's Peteyk at? We've got all these strippers we need to tend to"

Izzy : "Oh you know, he's probably satisfying his furtography craving and taking pictures of poodles since he was ripped off by a stripper last night." He said he was going to be payed well and thank god because those strippers ask to do so much with nothing to show for it.
by Sung "Dragonball" Moon March 12, 2013
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The act of masturbation. It is referenced by the noise one makes while in the act.
Eddie : "Where's Petey been?'

Robness: "I dunno actually, he might be partaking in a silent disco..........just give him a couple more minutes. The last stripper ripped him off last night."
by Sung "Dragonball" Moon March 11, 2013
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