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A condition of stubble stasis which leaves a man with a perpetual 1/4 inch growth of grey protobeard. Known to afflict aging quarterbacks and Just for Men models.
One morning, Matt woke up with a Favre-o'clock-shadow. He looked in the mirror and he knew he was old.
by Stuey B November 30, 2008
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the impotent guy at sex parties who thinks that 12 inch rubber dong he's running around with makes up for his, uh, shortcomings.
she: "I was totally going down on this girl when some diljerk came up behind me and tried to 'please me' with his rubber cock. Impotent fuck."

by Stuey B May 25, 2007
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The act of being called a fag. Usually shouted out of the window of pickup trucks in small town america. Seldom is a fagging committed by a single person -- or when the number of fags to hillbillies in approximately one to one.
Long haired guy walks into a Bob Evans. Someone calls him a fag. His friend shows up and the same thing happens to him.
"I got a fagging from those dbags in the corner booth,"
"I also was fagged on the way in."
by Stuey B June 22, 2007
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