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A storming dragon, that's what. An immortal dragon from Yolen. AND she used to date a human.
My dumbass after looking up 'Koravellium Avast':"So was someone gonna tell me Cultivation is a bloody dragon? Or was I supposed to find out randomly while browsing the Coppermind Wiki?"
by StormingCrab August 18, 2021
an extremely experienced soulcaster
Dalinar:"you are fire"
Evi and Rathalas:"I am fire"
by StormingCrab November 3, 2021
A continent scraped down to bare rock by magic storms and full of ugly lizard-crab-things.
Khriss:" I was thinking we should go to Roshar next"
Nazh:" could we stop by Scadrial on the way? Kelsier sill hasn't given me my knife back"
Khriss:" you're just stalling"
Nazh:" of course I am! Roshar is terrifying!"
Khriss:" you're from Threnody, you know. you don't get to call anything terrifying"
Nazh:" Cremlings traumatized me, Khriss"
by StormingCrab July 12, 2021
AKA, Lord of The Mist or The Survivor of Hathsin, Kelsier is a 30-something year old Skaa thief, serial killer, fraudulent impersonator and mass murderer. Who, under the effect of the drugs known as allomantic metals, keeps raving about hope and friendship. He indoctrinated a teenage girl into his gang of outlaws to profit from her abilities i his quest to kill God.
Notable Achievements: Standing face to face with two Gods, and punching one of them; Being literally too angry to die (twice); throwing the land into economic and political chaos by destroying its only source of Atium, a very important part of the economy; Triggerig the literal apocalypse.
Kelsier:"Hey kid, drink this vial full of alcohol and heavy metals. It'll give ya superpowers."
Vin:"Sounds legit."
by StormingCrab August 16, 2021