4 definitions by Storm109

The act of ingesting chocolate syrup through one's anus (boofing) with a traffic cone or funnel.
We got into some weird stuff last night, and she asked me for a dirty cone.
by Storm109 December 27, 2019
Becoming Severely Intoxicated, usually within a short amount of time.
Hey man where were you last night? Sorry bro, I was so Drunkafied after drinking that handle I passed out.
by Storm109 February 6, 2011
cool, or amazing, used to describe a situation of coolness.
yo you heard that new track from Sandstorm, yea that track's off the ledge!
by Storm109 August 2, 2007
Terrible news or a negative situation
"you heard about Jey? nah...what happened? he found out his name means Gay...wow thas bad bizness"
by Storm109 August 2, 2007