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It's when an extrodinaraly old man takes viagra and it gets bigger, but not hard and flops around like a trout, then he slaps a girl in the ass with it.
Phil's dad gave me a rusty trout last night
by Stopher Reinhold September 27, 2006
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A large person, usually over 250 pounds, whom is not only fat but also ugly and smells bad, like some sort of combonation of fat sex and mexican food, and they are very controlling of their sexual partner
"Did you see that fat bitch brittany walking down the road? She was a cowosarus!!"
by Stopher Reinhold October 31, 2006
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When your denied sex, and your so thrown off by it you forget proper grammer and exclaim, "But, Sex!"
Last night Donna told me I couldn't have butt sex, so I yelled, "But, Sex!"
by Stopher Reinhold September 29, 2006
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A person with two buttholes
Did you see that vikor guy in that gay porn last night, he was a twoer
by Stopher Reinhold October 31, 2006
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