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A complete asshole that tends to fap vigorously like a complete jerk off; narcissistic; one that cannot spell correctly- especially the word idiot; a douche bag of exponential numbers; a fucktard; a shitdick; a cockblast; one that acts very cocksly
Stop being a Pederigan; learn to spell, learn to read- learn something for fucks sake.
by Stolik December 07, 2009

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Noun (n): A insignificant person of little importance; a rage-quitter of life and video games; one who has the voice of an old, sorry man, yet is actually considerably younger than originally thought
Person_1: Hey, kid, you suck at videogames!

(Amish): Fuck you, I hate you KTHXBAI!


Person_1: Wow, what an Amish.
by Stolik December 07, 2009

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