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A white woman that dates black men, usually because of low self-esteem.
After being beaten up and turned-out again by Rufus, Cindy realized there is a down side to being a mudshark.
by Steveinoregon May 03, 2006

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What misguided liberal white people feel when blacks blame the issues in their community (or that their black ass is in jail) on something that happened with a small area in the southern United States more than 200 years ago.
Despite giving them affirmative action and welfare, Melanie still felt a lot of white guilt because black people are useless in today's society.
by Steveinoregon May 03, 2006

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Term for Mexican criminals violating US immigration laws. Associated with the liberal strategy to create guilt for any American that wants to secure the nations borders. Also used to grossly disguise the truth.
Guy 1: Hey, that mexican is running across the border fence, he must be an illegal immigrant.

Guy 2: No, he is an undocumented immigrant.

Guy1: Hey, that that dude is aggressively trying rape those children, he must be a predatory pedophile.

Guy 2: No, the is a overly enthusiastic child aficionado.
by Steveinoregon May 03, 2006

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Liberal term for anyone expressing a Republican or conservative point of view, coming from the belief that all republicans are racist. Espcially in issues involving minorities.
Republican: I believe criminals should be punished.

Liberal: You just want to put black people and undocumented mexican immigrants in jail.

Republican: No, anyone from any race should be jailed if they commit crimes. "Undocumented" mexican immigrants are violating US immigration laws, which is a crime. People of all races should be held accountable for their actions.

Liberal: You damn racist Republican!
by Steveinoregon May 03, 2006

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