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Nosemar- noun. nickname for Nomar Garciapara, due to his large nose. Usually used as an insult.
"You suck, Nosemar"
"That guy with a long nose looks like Nosemar"
by steve rad May 14, 2008

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Denis Potvin was a ice hockey defenceman for the New York Islanders. His name is chanted in Madison Square Garden to insult him since he injured New York Ranger player Ulf Nilsson. Denis is loved by Islanders fans and hated by Rangers fans.
Islanders fan: "Denis Potvin was a good defenceman"
Rangers fan: "POTVIN SUCKS!"
by steve rad May 20, 2008

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what girls write in middle school and high school yearbooks. It doesn't necessarily mean I love you but has a friendly meaning.
"Have a good summer. Love always, Mary"
by Steve Rad August 21, 2008

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Sexy Partying is what Nancy Grace calls this locked up Mom's partying antics. It apparently involves drinking, looking hot, flirting, and stuffing your face with food.
1. Nancy Grace really called that woman out for sexy partying last night.

2. Let's go wasted and sexy party tonight! I'm really horny and wild!
by Steve Rad August 09, 2008

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