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A close relative to the term snow blindness.

1. It refers to a person who has seen so much porn he is blind to its effects

2. A person who has lost the moral perception that porn is not for everyone and its possible need for censorship to protect those who dont necessarily like it.
1. I watched 14 hours of porn yesterday, after 5 it desensitised me.. after 10 i got porn blindness... the rest all I could do was listen.

2. Keith extended his phone to show us the moog getting hammered with accompanied groaning. We were slightly shocked at the reaction of shock of the other people in the bar, but Keith didnt even notice.
by Steelrat56 January 02, 2005

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When a man has been sitting wanking for such a length of time, that he is unable to walk or stand.
Craig had been wanking for so long over the porn channel he was unable to stand, thus had to crawl up the stairs hoping his parents would not stumble over him and his cum filled hand on his way to the bathroom.
by Steelrat56 December 30, 2004

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A red ladygarden or pubic mass. The red variety of the moog becomes a Rougemooge.
Yes her collar and cuffs matched... i was thrilled to see she has a vibrant stinking Rougemooge.
by steelrat56 December 23, 2004

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This refers to a womans vagina ladygarden, stenchtrench, with specific reference to a hairy example growler, 100gBaccypouch; and used in conjuction with a red bush becomes rougemooge.
She had strawberry blonde hair but a Rouge Mooge lads!

I went up her moog like a ferret up a trouser leg.
by Steelrat56 December 23, 2004

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