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A city that nobody has ever heard of, unless you live there or near there. Has some of the most beautifullest and biggest houses, and the beat-down crappy houses. Kernersville Middle school absolutely SUCKS, but everybody knows everyone in it. Coolest places; Skateworld, Movie theater, 4th of July Park, and Wal-Mart. Alot of people diss Kernersville, its not that much of a small town if you actually lived there. If your white, ALOT of the Mexicans will call you "that white kid". Unless you actually live in Kernersville don't talk shit about it?! No, we don't live in some huge city, its where we live... Half of the people who live in Kernersville wish they lived somewhere else, but when they actually sit down and think about it, they would never leave because they know pretty much all of the town. Kernersville isn't the smallest, because the population is defniatly not 500. Never go anywhere at 5-6 (everbodys getting of work around than). Some of the people actually LIKE country music, but were not a bunch of Hillbillys, and we listen to other stuff. So everybody thats talking crap about Kernersville..... STFU & SMH
by Stargirlzgail June 29, 2011

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