4 definitions by Starfucker

When a guy fingers a girl or tries to have sex with her when she is not wet. I
by Starfucker March 15, 2005
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acronym for 'pain in the ass'
You have to delete the whole entry, make changes, and add it back in anytime you want to change anything? What a big pita!
by Starfucker October 10, 2007
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A gorgeous flower with a brain that far exceeds that of ugly hermaphrodites called theos.
The beautiful Hiva can kill solely with the power of her look.
by Starfucker November 11, 2004
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A phrase to be used by an unperceptive man in the presence of a woman weeping for her country.
(Woman has tears in her eyes and discusses the history of Iran)

Guy: So...ya feelin' frisky?

Woman: Uhh...maybe later...

Guy: Takes her hand and places it on his hardness anyway.
by Starfucker March 15, 2005
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