3 definitions by Starchild42

A beautiful, kind and funny girl. She will often not think she is beautiful but anyone who spends time with her will realise how beautiful she is. She has the best sense of humour in the world and will often do anything to make people laugh. She often has weird dreams. She is the human form of sunshine and the best thing you can ever have in your life. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her.
If you have an Aimée in your life, you are extremely lucky.
by Starchild42 January 17, 2019
When something is really uncomfortable or makes you feel awkward.
"That boy won't stop looking at me"

"It's giving itchy-scratchy"
by Starchild42 May 30, 2022
When something is so bad that there are no other words. When something absolutely sucks.
"I just got fired from my job"
"BUH that awful"
by Starchild42 May 30, 2022