3 definitions by Standingshady

May 15th is when we celebrate national go back to the streets day, this special day is when we point out and mention our fellow hoes and simply say hey.. go back to the streets
Bobby: Tomorrows my birthday I’m so exited

David: no one cares about your birthday Bobby we all celebrate go back to the streets day instead
by Standingshady May 15, 2022
A type of dishwasher that's been around since the dawn of time
Adam: Yo Tyrone you got a sink full of dishes
Tyrone: yea yea I know I'll just let the woman wash them
by Standingshady April 5, 2020
The reverse sand fist is a sex move in which you wet your hand, stick it in sand, do a 360 and fist somebody
Bob: So Dan what did you do to Amanda last night.

Dan: Well I hit her with the reverse sand fist and left the house
by Standingshady November 30, 2019