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Quite possibly the most under-rated game of all time. Due to a clunky interface and system requirements that very few people could meet in May of 2003(When the game was released) it did not catch on as planned.

Those lucky few who knew of this game and had rigs that could run it, got to enjoy the worlds only (and best) MMOFPS... until BFRs came out and ruined the whole fucking game. (Thanks Sony!)

Now relegated to the annals of 'Great Games ruined by arrogant pricks who had the gall to tell the player base what they wanted rather than listening to them' history.

Oh yeah, and if you sucked at PS there was always WoW.
Planetside Noob: OMG the MCG/Jackhammer/Lasher needs a nerf!!1

Everyone else: Go play WoW then ya noob!
by StabbyTheClown February 17, 2009
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