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An 80s hardcore-noise-punk band, notorious for drinking and vandalizing the East Bay area more than actually playing. At one time, San Francisco's Clipper Street was constantly being spraypainted "Flipper Street", presumably by band members. Dead fish logos are still visible in some parts of Frisco (Other notable places to find their fish logo include the Berlin Wall, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the bathroom at the Vatican in Rome.).

Their most notable album, "Generic Flipper", is known to be one of Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain's favorite albums.
"COME ON! THIS IS ROCK N ROLL! THIS IS THE PUNK WOODSTOCK! THIS IS THE INFATUATION OF THE NATION! THIS IS...the end of the show." - Bruce Loose, Flipper vocalist, "lyrics" from the song "Ever"
by St. Mike January 22, 2007

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A bald, fat, caucasian male who refuses to wear anything except an apron and boots. He carries a large stick with him at all times. Hoards rice with the help of his sidekicks, Lefty, Bootsy, and Tim. Rumour has it that he has a giant storehouse somewhere in North Dakota FULL of rice that he has hoarded.


Any actual person who displays such characteristics. Steals your rice.
*rice lord steals dude's rice*
dude: Dude! The Rice Lord took my rice!

Guy 1: Can I have your rice?
Guy 2: Stop being a Rice Lord.
by St. Mike October 09, 2006

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adjective, generally used after "the", to describe anything awesome, amazing, baffling, or mildly offensive. also used by white middle-class "gangstas" who carry around butter knives to show everyone how badly they want to be black.
guy: "Dude, Refused is the bomb sauce, even if they ARE fucking dead."

wigga: "He be the BOMB sauce, jigga!"
by St. Mike September 15, 2006

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