3 definitions by Squiddy Attack

n. loooogic, looooogically; "logic" with a drawn-out O. An annoyance term to be used when magic ("Maaagic") is getting old or when you want to surprise someone by NOT saying "maaagic".
1) "How did you get up on the roof without a ladder?! You didn't magically poof up there, did you?"


2) "Look, look, I know you're going to tell me the answer is 'maaaagic', but seriously, what did you do to get that job?"

by Squiddy Attack January 19, 2009
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n. Thoughtcolate; nonexistent chocolate to be shared with a friend when they are hungry or in need of comforting. Normally used when talking to an internet friend, but can also be found at points where there is no chocolate to give.
1) "Aww, that sucks. Here, have some thoughtcolate to cheer you up. ^^"

2) "I has chocolate! :D"
"I wish I had some. :C"
"Here, have some thoughtcolate."
by Squiddy Attack January 19, 2009
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n. maaagic, maaagically; slang. "Magic" pronounced with a drawn-out "a". A term used to annoy people or just be plain silly when they are asked a question: most commonly, how something works or what happened.
1)"What did you do to the kitchen?!"

2)"How the hell did you pass that exam without studying?"

3)"So, children, why do you think we need attorneys?"
"... ... ...Maaagic."

4) "What the hell is with that Magic joke?"
by Squiddy Attack January 9, 2009
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