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Basic info:
owo is an emoticon used in chat rooms similar to o.o but the 'w' Is supposed to make it cute.

What does it mean?
owo means, a blank stare, but in a cute way.

Other similar emote(s).
OwO o.o
Nerd: (says to class snake, Sam,) Another way of writing 1,000,000 is 1x10^6

Sam The Snake: owo
by SpotTheGamer27 April 26, 2017

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An emoticon that means the speaker is blushing and closing their eyes. How hard the blush is depends on how many '/'s there are.

Variants: >//< (a less hard blush), >////////< (A much harder blush), and >///< (A medium hard blush).
(Boy has a crush on Girl.)

Boy's brother: haha I KNOW you love her.

Boy: N-No I d-don't! >///<
by SpotTheGamer27 April 26, 2017

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1. A genetic disorder that is caused by a mutation, it's an extra chromosome generally number 21, it comes with down syndrome.

2. A internet term that means "Stupid".
"Your retarded!"
"Says the one who didn't put you're."
by SpotTheGamer27 December 06, 2017

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