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A wig for a person's pubesor pubic region if he/she has lost the pubic hair, as stated on Family Guy
Salesman: Hey you like my pants
Joe: Sure
Salesman: There yours, you know what a mercan is?
Salesman:Pubic Wig, i got one, you want it?
Salesman:Of Course you don't your a classy guy, you want to be rich!!
Joe yes
Salesman:Sign here
by Spongebob69 March 11, 2008

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To take the negative attention, insult, or blame and send it to another person after it is directed toward you
person 1: Ha your stupid
Person 2: So is person three
Person 3: Don't bring me into this
Person 2: Yea don't transvictimize him
by Spongebob69 March 13, 2008

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V. For a mob to beat up a certain amount of gay people.
As stated by South Park
Cartman:Lets kick the gays out, FAGBAG!!!, FAGBAG!!
Mob:we dont want to hurt them we just want them gone
Cartman: FAGBAG!!!
by Spongebob69 March 11, 2008

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