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A person who is obsessed with Girl Scout Cookies, to the point where they don't ever share their cookies, they have a calender counting down to the opening of the new cookie season, and they occasional sleep with the famous green vest on....
Friend: Dude can I have some of your Tagalongs?
GSCW (Girl Scout Cookie Whore): No bro.
Friend: But you have like 20 boxes!
GSCW: These are barely gonna last until the season opens up in 39 days, until then get your own damn box!
Friend: Your such a fucking Girl Scout Cookie Whore!
by Spinman75 November 09, 2009
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the appearance of a ring (same dimensions of a condom) on the outside of one's wallet caused by a condom being in the wallet for an extensive period of time (i.e. months to years)
Bob: Dude what is that on the outside of your wallet bro?
Dan: Shut up man, you know that is a condom ring...
Bob: It has really been that long since you last got laid?

Dan: Don't act like you've never had a condom ring!
Bob: Nah that ain't me....
by Spinman75 December 04, 2009
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