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An instant messaging program that combines AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Facebook, MySpace, and e-mail checking into one program.
Hey, did you check out Digsby? It handles all your IMs in one application!
by SpikeX September 11, 2008

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Too drunk; didn't read
Hey, check out this cool site! <link>

td;dr dude.
by SpikeX June 20, 2010

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The act of ejaculating on to another person, and lighting the semen on fire as it come out, often leaving the target with 2nd degree burns, and a smell of burning hair or flesh
Guy 1: Hey, man, why did you and J break up?
Guy 2: We tried the Old Polish Cheese Wurst and she got really pissed. I guess the burn treatments cost a lot
Guy 1:Well, that must have been exciting!
by Spikex April 04, 2012

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