10 definitions by Speedo_spink

1. (v) The act of skewering a pan fish with your penis and then having sex until the fish breaks apart.

2. (v) Using the body of a fish as a condom and then taking the broken fish parts and vaginal juice and frying it in a pan.

3. (v) When a man cuts off the tail of a fish and proceeds to insert his penis in the open back end, then dips the fish into a woman during intercourse.
I used 3 lake perch to give my girlfriend a Scandinavian Stir Fry yesterday.
by Speedo_spink August 13, 2006
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1. (n) An ass crack that is extremely large, usually present on overweight women.

2. (n) When a woman's ass crack is larger then one's arm.

Sometimes abbreviated to just fault line.
that chick has the biggest rectal fault line I have ever seen.
by Speedo_spink August 13, 2006
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1. (v) When a man gives his partner a pink sock then grips the intestinal tube with his cock still inside and pulls backwards and then has another person jump onto the extended coil.
As Paco gave Consuela a pink sock, he pulled it out and let his friend Pablo do a tiajuana tightrope.
by Speedo_spink August 13, 2006
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