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Special Ops otherwise known as SO's are An elite group of people. Origin unknown, base location unknown. Not much is known about these people other than they carry out operations and missions that nobody knows about. Many people beg to be let into special ops yet only a certain few are worthy.
Missions carried out include, spying, sabotage and assination.
They are trained in..
Martial arts
Vehicle driving (including tanks)
Looking good
Your not special ops your not worthy.

Don't beg special opsness, you have to be born with it
by SpecialOps October 18, 2006
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To Stab someone with your Penis.
This is one of the most severe forms of ownage and if it happens to you, you should be ashamed

Comes from the words Cock - meaning penis and the
word shank - meaning stabbed with a sharp object
My mate got cockshanked the other day, poor bugger got owned
by SpecialOps October 18, 2006
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