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An activity which involves many of the processes of traditional dating but without the associated time and expense. The primary purpose is to create or nurture a romantic attraction which will lead to eBases 1 through 4 by utilising a variety of online services. Typical eDate activities include instant-messaging, yahoo games and watching the same dvd's. A successful eDate may result in an /invite request your date’s private IRC channel on Quakenet for cyber (sex). EDates are often criticised for not affording the participants the level of intimacy that can be achieved through physical interactions. Common precursors to eDates include eCards and eFlowers however many consider these totally gay.
A: I went on a hot ass eDate with cheryl yesterday!
B: Dude, you really gotta get a girlfriend whose last name doesn't end in .jpg.
A: Don't hate the playa.
by Sparkey196 March 29, 2006

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An informal inquiry meaning "how are you?".
What's good?
It's all good hombre!
by Sparkey196 May 26, 2006

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"Subbies" are thought to be a form of opiate derived from a painkiller called Subatex. As of October 2006, usage is not particularly widespread but is however becoming an increasing problem among youths in Britsh towns and cities. Subatex is manufactured in Hull, England by Recket Benckiser.
"got any credit on your fone? I need some subbies from devo so I can wake up dripping, in a phone box with a trucker's penis in my ear".
by Sparkey196 October 15, 2006

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