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A person of dubious ancestral background (i.e. closer to Neanderthal than is entirely comfortable) who sets themselves low standards and consistently fails to achieve them.
That George, he's a right Cock Monkey. I bet he couldn't even keep a McJob!
by Spank Wangler March 12, 2008

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Male who is envied by both sexes and is renound as an amazingly athletic lover, men wanna be him, women wanna do him!!
Jane - gosh look at him he's buff
Bunny - I did him, couldn't walk for a week, ee's a right Spank Wangler!!
George - I'ed do him!!!
by Spank Wangler March 16, 2008

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Perminently vacant female, usually found shopping for no apparent reason, kind of girl who pulls doors marked push, easily recognised by a large dressing table full of perfumes
Hey dude check out that Bunny Phluff she's stuck in the revolving door!
by Spank Wangler March 15, 2008

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