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Colloquial take on the classic idiom, 'Over the moon'.

The short, sweet period the next day when you are still drunk, before the real hangover kicks in.
'How are you feeling today?'

'Pretty good, actually. I'm hungover the moon!'
by Spagalucci September 21, 2012
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click bait hero (n): an online Samaritan who saves many the pain of opening a sensationalised article by releasing the mundane details in the thread below, typically attaining top comment status.
TOP COMMENT: All you need to know is that Will Smith got his name because it is short for 'William'.

REPLY: You sir, are a click bait hero!
by Spagalucci October 01, 2016
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prosecconds (n): the second glass of Prosecco
'Prosecconds, anyone?'

'Sure. Fill me up, chief!'

Prosecco Alcohol Portmanteau
by Spagalucci February 03, 2018
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