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Defines the unfortunate time that a man or a woman receives oral sex from one who possesses braces on their teeth.

From the perspective of one who has never actually received a meatgrinder, it looks quite painful. However some claim that a meatgrinder isn't that bad. In fact some meatgrinder fans claim that 'it's an experience.'
Billy - "Joe, did Trish really give you a blowjob?"
Bob - "With chompers like that, I'd say it was a meatgrinder."
Joe - "It was an experience."
by Sorido May 03, 2006

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An unwapping program much like WinZIP and WinRAR. WinWAP is for Unwapping the Wapanese so that they understand that their wreaking havoc on the Japanese culture and language is a fault in today's adolescent (and possibly above) society.
"Erica, you will be my guinea pig for the WinWAP project. Now then, I understand you want to address yourself as 'Yoru-chan,' but you don't use chan when referring to yourself. Visual Kei isn't a clothing company, it's a style used for crossdressing bands. Oh and otaku isn't a form of endearment, so I'd think twice before hanging onto that title..."
by Sorido April 16, 2006

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