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The least important person in an office who is sent out to get the coffee, teas, and cake.
"How are the interviews for the new latte lackey going?"
"Fine she starts Monday"
by Soreleg October 21, 2009

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A small set of steps in a pub or bar that seem designed to serve no other purpose than to cause patrons to trip up and seem drunker than they actually are.
I tripped up on those drunken steps they have leading from the bar, and spilt my drink all over the bouncer. Next thing I know I'm asked to leave on the grounds I'm drunk
by Soreleg October 31, 2009

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To buy. To find. To acquire. To get.
Its current usage follows the modern fashion of using a noun as a verb.
We source our organic light bulbs from a local farmer.
by soreleg September 07, 2008

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