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(pr. boo drô) n. - the slightly more sophisticated version of 'buddy'.

Use it when you are doing vaguely pretentious things with your buddies and you do not want to besmirch the occasion with commoners' language.
'I'm so happy I've moved beyond yellow mustard. Pass the Grey Poupon, budrow.'


'Honestly, I had no idea this was an undergraduate hotspot. I'm just here to have a Guinness with my budrows.'
by Sophie T. Mishap January 18, 2006

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budrollectual (pr. boo drô l-ek’choo-el)

n. - The slightly more self-important version of 'budrow'.

adj. - of or relating to top-tier buddydom or buddy behaviour (often referred to as the budrollect).

Use it when you and your buddies are eager to make whatever you do sound smarter than it actually is.
"I and my circle of budrollectuals could not attend the MENSA gala tonight because we were blogging about the evolution of Star Jones Reynolds' face."
by Sophie T. Mishap January 20, 2006

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(pr. in'kr&sh oo'wAsh&n) n.

It's not quite a crush and not quite infatuation, but it comes with a slice of crazy hormones at the end.

Inflected Form(s): -at·ed; -at·ing
'Yes I made out with the pool boy and all his friends, but it was only a case of temporary incrushuation.'
by Sophie T. Mishap January 30, 2006

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(n.) pr. \ˈfər\və-dən(t)s\

The fur your pet leaves behind at the scene of the crime.
Ex. At first Sally was inclined to believe it was Steve (her house guest) and not Princess Perfect (her dog) who had gotten into her trash, left a trail of shredded tissues, yogurt lids, and chicken bones across the floor, and then barfed little chunks of moldy cheese under the coffee table...

...but with such overwhelming furvidence to suggest otherwise, she was forced to accept the truth.
by Sophie T. Mishap August 29, 2009

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