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Pronounced: dish-plo-shun

The resulting explosion of clean dishes that tends to occur when neither you nor anyone else in your house, apartment, condo, motor-home, double-wide, or any other form of living does dishes for any extended period of time (this can differ according to: amount of people who live in the home, amount of dishes owned, etc.) the result of which is a massive last ditch effort for a clean plate, fork or other item associated with eating, typically resulting with cleaning all of the dishes and going from no dishes to way to many. Usually resulting in a huge stack of clean dishes that appears so fast it generates a near explosive force.
Can also happen in the event of friends or family coming over after you wasted the three weeks warning you were given due to much procrastination.
Me and my roommate realized that our girlfriends were coming over in an hour so we started cleaning the house and we ended up with this HUGE dishplosion and we ended up having to hide all of the extra dishes and silverware we had.
by SonicSparx February 25, 2011
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