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what i wrote when i accidentally misspelt "character" in my definition of mary sues
by SomePersonOnUrbDic December 2, 2021
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what heavy ate
it made him strong
"i eat sandvich! sandvich make me s t r o n g !"
by SomePersonOnUrbDic August 15, 2021
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A channel that started off well with its Fall Guys videos, but by AUL 14, it hit rock bottom. But then, they pulled out a mining drill and now they’re calling vocaloid and DDLC anime. Let that sink it for a second.
Person A: yo I saw gametoons’ new upload it’s really cool
Person B: bro they only care about the green by now
Person C: mr cheese is cool
Person D: mr marketable
by SomePersonOnUrbDic July 1, 2021
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get off the page if you hate roblos becuz all ur gunna see here is that
mmmmmmmm roblos
by SomePersonOnUrbDic December 2, 2021
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