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A fat and short plumber that the only way he can get laid is is to save the princess from Bowser. He eats shrooms to grow higher. To give an example of how much he wants to get laid: hes willing to bust bricks with his head. But you, have a better chance of getting laid if you stay big, so don't get hit or you'll shrink.
Save the princess quick,
Because she wants a dick.
And if you let her free,
You get the pussy.

-benefit - Super Mario Bros. Rap
by some rand June 20, 2006
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A hockey player for the Dallas Stars.
Was once one of the greatest forces in the game but his career was unhitched due to multiple concussions. Most notably when he got ROCKED by Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils.
Eric Lindros shoots, he scores
by some rand July 17, 2006
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What I say when there is an akward silences or i just dont know anything else to say.
1. Some rand: Hey, im done the math
Me: Cool...HEEE

2. Some rand: Hey, im gay
by Some rand May 10, 2005
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A guy in my infotech class who is very crazy and wierd. He talks funny and says funny stuff. He used to wear the infamous "rat hat" and is very rand.
S. Reb is rand and is good at infotech...sometimes.
by Some rand May 10, 2005
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