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One who guarantees the constitutional rights for all citizens of the United States. Death is no obstacle to protect the American way of life.
It is the soldier, not the reporter, who guarantees Freedom of the Press.
by Some other guy September 07, 2005
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A person, generally associated with Democrats, who often contradicts him/herself on many issues. They generally have good ideas, but do not think very much about the issues at stake. Their general views tend to be: anti-war, pro-abortion, pro-taxes, anti-religion, etc.
On racial relations: Liberals will ensure "equality" of minorities by giving themselves fewer rights.
On the environment: Use tons of paper to protest cutting down a forest.
On personal responsibilities: There are none. The government must stop every choice a person makes before said person makes that choice.
Liberals want all Constitutional Rights enforced, except the right to bear arms.
Liberals support abortion, but reject the notion of killing terrorists.
Liberals claim George W. Bush is an incompetent boob, yet claim he masterminded 9/11.
Liberals believe in evolution, but shun survival of the fittest.
by Some other guy September 07, 2005
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