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a pindick who loves to masterbate over llamas
man explosive loves to pull his pinny over llamas
by some dude April 07, 2004

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In the series of sonic the hedgehog 1- heroes these were the fastest game characters of all time!
Sonic the hedgehog
Amy the hedgehog
Shadow the hedgehog
Chaos the hedgehog
Sonic heroes! all the fast characters are the ones lister above!

"man i wish i were sonic He goes ultra mega fast as hell!"
by some dude July 04, 2004

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Besides being a greeting card company, it also means a male who has no balls. therefore he is way to simpathetic and crys over chick flicks. Enjoys buying stuffed animals and flowers for his girlfriend who has him by his non existent nuts. He listens to his every word as if he thought he could blow a load on it. Hallmark club cards, and "Hallmark" are not that different when you think about it.
Chris: dude, tonight there is an Avril Lavigne concert! i'm going with my girlfriend! i'm going to get her flowers, and candy, its going to be great!
Ben: dude... you're such a god damn Hallmark
by some dude October 21, 2004

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Tifa; A crazy slut girl with oversized– And I mean OVERSIZED breasts that are about the size of her head.

People crap up your mind by saying she's a 'courageous beauty'. But, hell no. If she's so 'courageous', she would've told Cloud about her feelings I don't even care about.

There will be no Tifa fanboys if her boobs weren't God damned big enough.

And if they got even bigger–

Jesus Christ, I'd be dead of suicide now.

So, overall, Tifa– A.K.A. some idiot woman who swings her watermelon-like knockers around for fun.
Tifa: Oh my God, I'm so sad! *swings breasts around*
by Some Dude January 25, 2005

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