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1. a delicious food item that may come in various shapes, sizes and flavors (n.)
2. cash flow (n.)
3. a reference to south park, meaning to make a cat piss on your face in order to get high (v.)
4. a term used to describe a departure from an event or social gathering that was really gay
1. I made a sandwich last night, bro. It had ham and cheese on it. This thing almost made me cream myself.
2. Where's my cheese, BITCH?! I LENT YOU FIVE BUCKS LAST WEEK!
3. "Hey, let's go cheese."
"Do you feel like cheesing, guys?"
"Dude, I'm cheesing F-ing brains out right now."
4. "Bro, we cheesed the fuck out of there. That shit was lame."
by SolRosenburg December 05, 2010

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