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Adjective - An antonym for the word 'mini'. Often learned in the first grade.

Noun - The study of wumbo. Also known as Wumbology.

Verb - The act of wumboing. Can be used in the forms wumbo, wumboing.
Adjective -

"You got it put to 'M' for 'mini' when it should be set to 'W' for wumbo."

"It's first grade, Spongebob."

Noun -

"Wumbology, the study of wumbo."

Verb -

"I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, me wumbo, wumbo, wumboing," etc.
by Sociopathy March 22, 2010

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noun - A shortened term for the website 'Fmylife.com', but can also be used as a shortened way to say 'Fuck my life'. It is a website which includes multitudes of fictional stories about people having their days ruined in some horrible or upsetting way. The handful of stories that are true, however, always occur as a fault of the writer.
"Hey, your cat just ate your fish."


"Because you left it out of the bowl."

"Dude, FML."
by Sociopathy March 22, 2010

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Noun - a website where people go to find definitions for common racial stereotypes, euphemisms or acronyms which they are too ashamed to ask their friends the meaning for. Usually used by those who do not want to be seen as 'uncool' or 'retarded' for not knowing the meaning of a commonly used racial stereotype, euphemism or acronym.

Verb - To find the meaning of a commonly used racial stereotype, euphemism, or acronym with the aide of urbandictionary.com. Usually shortened to 'urbandictionary'.
Noun -

"So I was totally felching this one girl, right..."

"Damn! I need to go to urbandictionary.com for that one!"

Verb -

"He had a fucking boner!"

"Ha! I know what that shit means 'cause I know how to urbandictionary, bitch!"
by Sociopathy March 22, 2010

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The worst feeling anyone can have. It invades your thoughts and controls your mind. It is extremely similar to a drug addiction, except that there is no way to avoid, escape or resist it. It has the uncanny ability to eat away at a person until they are nothing but a hollow shell of their former self, leaving them willing to do absolutely anything for their partner "of their own will". It is but a delusion that takes away from the natural meaning of life. It is only a feeling and nothing more. Most who fall into "love" believe that it is what they have always dreamed about, what they need, and what they absolutely want more than anything else. People need to remember that love is completely meaningless. Instead of trying to find someone who can curse you with pure pain and inability to think for yourself, you should be looking for ways to better improve society.

Love is a truly meaningless thing.
"I've fallen in love, and it feels wonderful, but it feels as though something is eating away at me deep inside."
by Sociopathy March 23, 2010

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Noun - Someone who has no talent and although he is on a much lower level, looks at others as though he is their equal. The ass of every joke and the loser at every school. See ass clown or wangster

Adjective - See transsexual or talentless

Verb - See suck ass
n.- "Godammit! Stop being a friggin' Justin Bieber!"

a.- Simon Cowell thinks everyone on American Idol is so Justin Bieber

v.- "That butt pirate totally Justin Biebered that fanny bandit just now!"
by Sociopathy March 23, 2010

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