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A BB that everyone wants to be with, (a.k.a. Bad Bitch). Straight Edge, who doesn't need to impress others because everyone already knows she is the best. A good friend that you could only hope for. A sweet, pretty, fun loving girl, that i'm proud to call one of my best friends. love you breezy <3

ingredients: dr. pepper, a good run, some sun, a dead phone, a honda crv, zumba dances, arizona tea, and omni :)
dude number 1: Omg look! there's the sun!
dude number 2: the what?
dude number 1: the Sun, aka, bri?!

dude number 2: why would you call her "the sun"?
dude number 1: because she's so hot! :)
by Snookieeee July 20, 2010

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