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Mythic Entertaiment's way of making alot of money on the second expansion of a sinking game.

Gets already addicted players involved into wild goose chases in water filled lands to kill monsters that only spawn once every 14 hours and takes 16 people to kill.

Just to strip all abilities gained by these methods with the addition of their next game patch.
omg TOA zuxorz. Mythic totally screwed us with TOA and patch 1.68
by Sneak-Sneak February 18, 2004
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American governmental machine programmed to initiate wars over fictional events,Planted into the presidential seat by a trivial election process which ignored the majority of voters' wishes in which took place in the state ran by his redneck brother.

Programmed to say phrases like:
"We will prevail"

"Saddam is a Tyrant"

"We will find weapons of mass destruction."

"Evil regime"

"We want to make sure Iraqi oil reserves arent harmed,it is a great benefit for the rebuilding of their nation"


"I spoke with Dick"
by Sneak-Sneak February 18, 2004
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Acronym for Sorry about your fuckin luck.
Bob: OMG my GF is sleeping all over town. I think she gave me crabs.

by Sneak-Sneak February 18, 2004
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They tell me not to,But I Drinks it!!!
by Sneak-Sneak February 18, 2004
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