2 definitions by Smoort

Pronounced as police-semen

1. A gay policeman, yearning for semen

2. A gay policeman, in a way that he's a dick towards other people
1. Look! The policemen came to the picture of the rock! He didn't say "no homo"

2. This asshole gave me a speeding ticket for going 5 kph over the limit! What a policemen.
by Smoort June 24, 2020
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When you cum inside a bitch and frame her pussy flat so she can't wipe out the mess
Guy 1: Hey bro, heard it got steamy last night, how'd it go?
Guy 2: Perfecr, man, I gave her the ol' Whoreframe. She screamed for like, 30 seconds.
Guy 1: Cool
by Smoort June 24, 2020
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