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A complete cracker! They are white and think that they are black, regardless of how many black people beat them up. They like to ‘roll’ with them gangstas and claim to be pimps and have hoes. They wear baggy ass pants and listen to all rap. Usually they buy clothes that only black people wear and have their pants sagging low showing most likely some fugly boxers. When they talk they either sound like weird hicks or like a cracker. Opposite of an Oreo, a black person being white, they try their hardest to be black. But it doesn’t work usually getting them made fun of or beat up.
Kid: Dude you know you're white right?
Dylan: Naw homie g, it ain't even like dat.
Kid: What the fuck in god's good name did you just say?
Dylan: Homes, ya gots ta chill. *pants sag down showing fugly boxers* Dats just how I roll with my niggs ya heard?!
Kid: You are such an INSIDE OUT OREO! *runs away not able to take any more*

Foo I ain't no Inside out Mutha Fuckin Oreo! Stop runnin yoh mouf!
by Smexie Emo November 11, 2006

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Basically meaning the same as kyut and cute. Like cute or adorable. It could be fuzzy and cuddly like a puppy or puffy like a marshmallow. I use this term a lot when discribing my friends. Also used to discribe a hot boy/girl.
Emily's picture is so KYUTE!

Whoa now, he is uber kyute!

Damn he is KYUTE! I wanna get a piece of that!
by Smexie Emo November 11, 2006

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Douche bag is a word that I use to much... Due to the annoyingly idiotic people that surround me.
Easily put, some one that suffers from retardation and pisses you off a lot. When you get mad, you call them a douche bag. Now, when this person is your father, then they are bald, mean, have a beer belly, and got what they deserved.
Jerks that need to be a. bitch slaped or b. kicked in the nuts. >.<
*Love yah dad!*
Me: Your such a douche bag...
Father: Do you know what that means? Go look it up!
Me: Oh yes, in fact I wrote my own verson, now you go look that up.
Father: *gets red and walks away angerly*
Me: Oh Burn!

Dude, your a friggen douche bag!!
by Smexie Emo November 11, 2006

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Generally speaking, a black person that is a complete whitey. They tend to be non gangsta as the others and talk/act completely white. It’s the opposite of being a wigger or wankster really, only the white people rubbed off on the black. They are black on the outside and white on the inside, just like the cookie!

Its also a cookie that is purdy good. With chocolate cookies and a creamy filling!
My buddy Dominic is such an oreo, but I love em!!!
Dude, your a firggen OREO!

Mmmm oreo cookies!
My fatass brother ate the last oreo! >:o
by Smexie Emo November 11, 2006

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