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Popular acronym for the widely known phrase 'You Only Live Once'. People have split opinions; Some think it's a great phrase and a great motto to live by, while others think it's 'Carpe Diem' ('Seize the Day') for stupid people.

I, myself, think it's a much more useful acronym for the less known phrase 'You Obviously Love Oreos'.
Person 1: I got so drunk last night I killed my liver! YOLO!

Person 2: How does 'You Obviously Love Oreos' have anything to do with getting drunk?

Person 1: No, you don't understand. 'YOLO' means 'You Only Live Once'.

Person 2: But, isn't that the whole point of 'Carpe Diem'? Why is 'YOLO' needed?
by SmexiMexiStoleYourPepsi January 05, 2014

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(Pronounced Day-Cart) The most mind-fucking philosopher ever.

In his 'Meditations', Descartes discards all of his presupposed notions. He disregards all sense-experience, thus becoming skeptical of the existence of basic matter. He then proceeds to re-prove the existence of just about fucking everything via a series of nonsensical ideas and circular arguments (many of which contain the concept of a superior entity).

Also invented the Cartesian plain (X-Y graph). Basically, everything you'll ever learn in school somehow relates back to Descartes in some way, even though his whole philosophy was against the concept of presupposed knowledge (The very definition of school)
Descartes' basic philosophy:
1. Nothing exists
2. I think therefore I am (I exist)
3. I cannot think by myself
4. God must exist
5. God is good
6. God would not provide me with deceitful senses
7. Everything exists
by SmexiMexiStoleYourPepsi August 14, 2014

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