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Fucking Idiotic North Carolinian.
I swear these F.I.N.C.'s can't drive, not quite as bad as FIFOS, but pretty bad.

get off of my roads you damn finc's
by Sleepy&Flop July 18, 2009
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When you have to shit but its so big you have to spread each butt cheek and wedge it down on the toilet seat to give your asshole extra spread to allow for such a huge LOG.
Dude, I had to Mike Honcho that shit. It was way to big to just let it flow.
by Sleepy&Flop January 18, 2011
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When having sex with your girl and as you go in real deep it causes her to let one rip, right on your bag. So it becomes a toot bag.
Man 1: Man, I was Giving it to my girl real good and she tooted on my bag.

Man 2: Ahh, she gave you a toot bag.....
by Sleepy&Flop July 19, 2009
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When you wife's pussy decides to wake up after 10 years and 3 kids and need some attention. Albeit rare but occasionally happens
Flop: My wife's twat got the tingle last night. Been too long
Sleepy: what's the twat tingle.

Flop: You know when it wakes up from its long slumber
by Sleepy&Flop April 5, 2021
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