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A womans inate ability to take a subject or idea and then through her voodoo magic, turn that subject/idea into something totally different. Many Men find problems with this when trying to converse with women or when trying to watch a good show on TV. When Psycho bitchinesis comes into affect; A talk about ones desired place to eat that night may turn into a talk about why the toilet seat was left up or why you didn't say "I Love you" Last night before you went to bed.
Man: Hey honey could you bring me a beer please?

Woman during Psycho Bitchinesis: Ok Walter but first off, Why the hell haven't you sent my mother a thank you card for last years christmas present. You know what your a lazy bastard, and if you leave that toilet seat up one more time I might actually stab you while you sleep!

Man (terrified beyond comprehension): Ummmm......I Love You????? Do you want my Credit card???
by Skybo67 October 12, 2009
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The act of lubricating your hand with vaseline, or another similar substance, and then dipping the lubricated hand into a pile of sand or similar gritty substance. Once the lubricated hand is acceptably gritty, the hand is then inserted into your partner anally. The rapid pumping motion of the hand along with the rugged texture will rip at the anus and cause extreme pain and also extreme pleasure, assuming the masochism is a sexually gratifying experience.

Synonyms include, Revenge of the sand people, Sandy Cheeks, Gritty Salad, and Happy Happy Fun Time............................. with sand.
Tom gave me one hell of a gritty salad last night. I couldn't sit for hours.

That rectal exam was a handful of petroleum jelly and sand away from being a Crispy Fist.
by Skybo67 October 28, 2010
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A hereditary trait passed on from birth in which the child tends not to give two shits about what other people have to say and does his own thing. The levels of Bad Assoriosis can be rated from one to Five. Level one being a slightly aggresive attitude and stubbourness. Level Five being an absolute confidence in ones authority that when he/she is challenged he/she might put someone in a coma with their own shoe, shit on their chest, and then fuck the poor bastard's significant other regardless of sex, age, or race.

In some cases, one blessed with Bad Assoriosis may not pass it on to their child, thus resulting in said child being a total pussy fart or in some cases this might be reffered to as a queef.
I met this man last night and he punched me in the face and fucked my mom, He got her number and said he would call but he never did, He must have had Bad Assoriosis.
by Skybo67 October 11, 2009
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